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Custom Print (Beta Testing Price): $49.99

It all started when…

I realised that everyone in my family has a craft they gift to the people they care about.

My father is a leatherworker and makes beautifully crafted, hand stitched leather belts, bags and wallets. My mother runs a on the side, Kombutcha business, with the best Kombutcha going for miles. When a birthday rolls around or we get invited to an event (doesn’t happen often, don’t worry), we rock up with a “Smith Bundle”.

I wanted to contribute something to that bundle, so I started experimenting.

I tried baking, but cookies don’t last forever. I tried DIY’ing clothes from the second hand stores and re-purposing them, but there are only so many jean bags one can make without going crazy.

Then I stumbled on the one gift nobody has, and nobody can have enough of custom art.

I’m not an artist, but I started harvesting photos of my family and running them through various programs such as photoshop and many many more, these custom portrait prints becoming the finished product.

I’m still learning, which is why I’m offering this digital product as a beta test. The current price for a custom portrait print is $39.99, that will go up if this product comes out of test mode alive, so get in quick, and help a sister out and score some cool art in the process…!

Contact me at: for more details.