How To Stop Failing And Start Winning

I firmly believe every new project I start that it is going to be ‘The One’. It doesn’t matter if it's a blog, a novel, or an online course on something random that I’ve decided there is a niche for.

With every new project, I’m certain that one day I will walk towards them down the aisle of success. I shall be wearing the white dress of ‘Young Female Entrepreneur’. And all the guests shall cheer as the officiator states, 'I now pronounce you a financially stable startup’.

I started young on my journey towards business management. Six years old and I was selling handmade “bespoke” bookmarks to my poor grandparents charging two bucks apiece. As I got older the projects got more advanced. I wrote book reviews and linked them to Amazon, sold cookies and negotiated with my parents about the value of my time if spent cleaning their windows. That was the project my dad taught me how to write an invoice.

Then I started getting into blogging, when I checked my old Wordpress account a couple of days ago, I had twenty-seven active blogs. I haven’t touched any of them in at least a year.

I became a YouTuber for a bit but never reached enough subscribers that I could monetize my videos and set up a merch shop. Apparently, YouTube doesn’t care if you only have forty-three subscribers. I even wrote a quarter of a course, that I made my mum and sister do, that was supposed to train you to be beautiful and beguiling but also a bit ninja and badass. At the end of the course you were supposed to have all the skills it took to be like those old Hollywood movie spies. Needless to say, I wasn't overly qualified to teach that course.

All of these projects have failed. Some failed quite dramatically and some just puttered out and got forgotten. But every single one of these projects, for at least a little while, had my unfailing faith.

Over the course of all these failures, I collected a toolbox of skills. When I was a YouTuber I needed to learn how to operate a camera, how to light a subject and how to edit sound and footage. When I was going to be a freelance blogger, I had to learn how to write a blog post somebody actually wanted to read.

And now I feel as though all my failures and the things I’ve learned from them are reaching a tipping point.

Obviously, there are still many experiences that I need to fail at in the future. I’m by no means a fail expert yet. And I can’t wait to get failing at the next thing!

But what I’m slowly learning, is that you need to be fully invested in your project, so that you can suck it dry of knowledge and skills. Knowledge and skills you can use to fail in the next project. Until one day, you’ve failed so much that you have enough skills, knowledge, and experiences to stop failing and start winning.