Money Making Ideas

If you’re just getting into the ‘entrepreneur thing’ then you’re probably all geared up to have a idea and start your business.

The struggle comes at the beginning of that process. The struggle is coming up with that idea that is actually going to make you money.

Personally I’ve found that a good place to start is scratching your own or somebody’s else’s itch.

Brainstorm over problems you or your friends face, then think of ways you could solve them.

Another great way to come up with good ideas is to get into the practice of brainstorming ten ideas every day. They might be terrible ideas, but at least you’ve come up with ten ideas.

Eventually, if you’re in the practice of coming up with ideas every single day you will stumble on a half decent one.

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Brainstorming In A Bus

I’ve been doing a lot of travelling and probably will be doing even more these next coming weeks. And I’m someone who used to find the lack of productivity involved in travelling irritating.

I envy the people who can type on a bus and read in the car.

So here's a list of some ways that I maximise my productivity while traveling, without feeling nauseous the whole time.

Podcast or Audiobook

A four hour trip through winding hills is a great excuse to listen to that audiobook that you never make time for at home.

I’ve been listening to The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business by Josh Kaufman on Audible.

A great podcast worth a listen is Tim Ferris’s Michael Pollan - Exploring The New Science of Psychedelics.

And if you just wanted to sooth the nasua with some gentle fiction you should definitely go for Neil Gaiman's American Gods. It’s not exactly gentle, but his voice will calm even the most anxious of flyers.


I find I can usually journal on a train or a plane. So I will take the time to brainstorm, plot and scheme my future plans.

Or take notes on my current listening material.


If you are in an airport or train station, have some time to kill and don’t really mind looking like a bit of a doofus you can do a subtle traveling workout.

  • Lift your bags up and down. The heavier the better. If anyone asks, just say you were checking the bottom of the bag to make sure your drink bottle hasn’t spilled.

  • Stretching. ‘Just working out the an advanced yoga pose on the airport floor.’

  • Pretend you're late for your flight, plane, train whatever and run up and down the station wildly for a few laps.

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Design Thinking: The Way Forward (Part One)

The Creative Live course: Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life taught by Dave Evans and Bill Burnett is based on their #1 New York Times Bestseller book by the same name.

I’m about halfway through the course now. I am especially enjoying the high levels of energy and tasteful comedy from Evens and Burnett. The high energy takes the course to another level and leaves you with the feeling that you’ve had three coffees, a red-bull and an extremely productive session with a psychotherapist.

So far three things have stood out to me:

Number One: You Are Not Late

The first thing that really stood out is an idea they talk about only briefly but it was as though the group of people I was doing the course with all breathed a collective sigh of relief. You are not late, you are not too early either. If you are here doing something then you are right on time to be doing that thing.

Number Two: Passion Is A Endpoint

The second thing that stood out to me was how they talked about passion. So often all the books, ted talks, podcasts and well-meaning grandparents preach to ‘Follow your passion’. But Evens and Burnett argue that you can start and successfully finish something without any particular love for it. You can find it uninspiring and uninteresting but with dedication somewhere along the way with enough hard work that passion will turn up. But don’t worry if it isn’t always there to start off with.

Number Three: The Four Pillars Of Thinking

The third thing was about the different thought processes and which one will lead us forward in our homegrown startup, big fancy company or even personal lives. They broke the thought processes down into four categories.

Engineering - A thought process that is orientated around solving the problem to move forward.

Business -  A thought process that is orientated around optimizing to move forward.

Research - A thought process that is orientated around analyzing the way forward.

Design - A thought process that is orientated around building the way forward.  

I personally think that all of these methods of thought are necessary. However, the point Evens and Burnett were making was that as designers you build the future. So to build your own personal future you need to adopt design thinking as a thought process.

Check out the course on Creative Alive

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