Is Long Form Content Creation the Answer?

Almost everyone I know has a blog, or a website, or some form of a platform that they are using to push their content and hopefully gain some recognition from that content.

Unfortunately: Everyone else in the world is doing the exact same thing. 

We are living in a world where bloggers are just pushing around each others content and occasionally writing a short original blurb, that comments on something that someone else has already done. 

And then wondering, usually via another short angry blog post why they aren't gaining recognition, or why their website isn't making a dent in the billions upon billions of other websites doing exactly the same as them. 

If this is you, or if you don't want this to be you, here's my suggestion...

Try writing long-form original content. 

It doesn't have to be ten pages. But try writing something more than just a few paragraphs. Research is showing that Google will pick up on the amount of content in a post but also the amount of content in that post that is original. 

So as an experiment for your platform, set aside a few hours to write a few thousand words or so on whatever it is that your platform is pushing. 

Ironically that's the end of this blog post. 

Thanks for reading...!