Brainstorming In A Bus

I’ve been doing a lot of travelling and probably will be doing even more these next coming weeks. And I’m someone who used to find the lack of productivity involved in travelling irritating.

I envy the people who can type on a bus and read in the car.

So here's a list of some ways that I maximise my productivity while traveling, without feeling nauseous the whole time.

Podcast or Audiobook

A four hour trip through winding hills is a great excuse to listen to that audiobook that you never make time for at home.

I’ve been listening to The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business by Josh Kaufman on Audible.

A great podcast worth a listen is Tim Ferris’s Michael Pollan - Exploring The New Science of Psychedelics.

And if you just wanted to sooth the nasua with some gentle fiction you should definitely go for Neil Gaiman's American Gods. It’s not exactly gentle, but his voice will calm even the most anxious of flyers.


I find I can usually journal on a train or a plane. So I will take the time to brainstorm, plot and scheme my future plans.

Or take notes on my current listening material.


If you are in an airport or train station, have some time to kill and don’t really mind looking like a bit of a doofus you can do a subtle traveling workout.

  • Lift your bags up and down. The heavier the better. If anyone asks, just say you were checking the bottom of the bag to make sure your drink bottle hasn’t spilled.

  • Stretching. ‘Just working out the an advanced yoga pose on the airport floor.’

  • Pretend you're late for your flight, plane, train whatever and run up and down the station wildly for a few laps.

Thanks for reading!