Design Thinking: Small Wins (Part Three)

In the last blog from this series, I want to touch on a idea Evans and Burnett mention in passing, the idea of setting the bar for success really low and building on small wins.

It’s advice everyone has probably heard, ‘Start small’, but I think it’s important to keep coming back to it. Because, as a society I think we forget. We are quite hard on ourselves. Especially if you are a young woman in business. Naturally we feel as though we have to have something to prove and a comprehensive portfolio of things like ‘Oh yeah I invented the Facebook equivalent and the twitter equivalent, see I deserve to be here’.

But If we keep raising that bar on the portfolio of experiences particularly around business, we are never going to actually achieve anything. And that's okay.

So instead, set the bar really low. Achieve something mediocre. Then something else mediocre. Eventually, all these little tiny wins will amount to something, with only 10% of the mental stress you would have originally had.