Design Thinking: The Way Forward (Part Two)

The next part of the Design Thinking course on Creative Live explores the ever current topic of work-life balance. They argue that it's impossible to simplify work and life down so much.

So they broke the concept down into four categories:

  • Love

  • Play

  • Work

  • Health

We then had to shade them in on a scale depending on how well we felt we were doing in each category. One being dismally and ten being superbly.

They then asked us which of these categories, if we could only choose one, would we like to improve. A few minutes later we were brainstorming actionable steps that we could take either right now or in the coming week to make a significant change to that category.

The interesting thing that stood out to me from this exercise was the idea that not all these categories need to be functioning perfectly all the time. They don’t all have to be at a ten on the scale.

If you’re in the process of starting a business maybe the love, health, and play categories are going to be at threes or fours but the work category is going to be at a ten. And no, that's probably not healthy but it is the balance you need to get the job done.

So to sum up, the idea of a work-life balance is unachievable. Throw that concept out the window and forget about it.

However, if you are feeling overrun or something feels not quite right, you can use these categories to examine where you are lacking and make steps towards improving.

Thanks for reading..!