Crash Course Curriculum

When I first started researching free online learning resources one of the first things I came across turned out to be the most beneficial overall.

The YouTube channel Crash Course has been active since 2012, slowly growing to notoriety over the years. It was hosted by John and Hank Green, although the channel has branched out now with many different experts hosting a series in their specialized field.

There are series on everything from Astrology to Anatomy and Physiology with each video exploring a certain aspect of the topic in under ten minutes.

You can watch a video or two over breakfast or on the loo. There is no excuse to not learn with Crash Course.

The channel is not going to offer you in-depth Havard level intensity, but that's not what I’m aiming for when it comes to my own Self-Educating. I’m simply looking for comprehension and Crash Course offers that. 

I highly recommend the World History and Anatomy and Physiology Series.


Check out Crash Course

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