Unconventional Advice and Tricks

So, I’m here today to offer you what a lot of people will immediately call bad advice.

But it works for me, and I always wish someone had said something like ‘Oh no, thats fine, I do it as-well’.

Long story short I’m trying to save for a plane ticket/world trip/escape.

I live in New Zealand, so a ticket anywhere is like a billion dollars, and that doesn’t even count the money you are going to need to spend to survive in the other place once you get there.

I had exactly $3.78 in my bank account when I realised three things:

  • That sure as well won’t buy a ticket for anything, except a ride on one of those miniature trains that kids love.

  • Broke was a shitty way to go into my eighteenth year of life, the year I legally become an adult.

  • I needed to get a job and start saving properly.

I’m very lucky that my parents are overwhelmingly supportive and don’t make me pay rent at home, but these tricks will still work even if you pay rent or have other on going expenses.

Embrace The Homeless Aesthetic (In Other Words…Become A Minimalist)

I just pissed off so many people groups in that one title.

The problem of homelessness and poverty is a very serious problem, and its nothing to be taken lightly.

I’m talking about the homeless aesthetic that you see on TV.

I am a big fan of the TV series Shameless and figured that if Fiona could wear the same outfits again and again, have grubby hair and still be the leading female badass that she is, I could stop buying a new outfit every time I went into town.

Minimalism is not homelessness.

It isn’t being unable to afford basic human necessities, that everyone should have access to.

But if you can embrace the art of simplicity, or at least pretend you are, you are going to buy a lot less of those little desk plants from Kmart.

And if you say you’re a minimalist then people admire your discipline, instead of just pitying how much you are having to forgoe to save.

Every little act of saving can somehow be disguised under the socially accepted umbrella of Minimalism.

‘Where’s the couch?’

‘I sold it. It was just too much clutter you know?’

‘And the bed?’

‘Seneca slept on the floor.’

At the end of the day, your skin will be fine if you just wash it in water, if you want to look different, go lift weights and do push ups, and no…do not buy another desk plant in a pretty rose gold pot.

Just look out the window, theres heaps of plants out there.

Skip Breakfast

No. No, I am not starving myself. I realise, that yes, I see that I am a teenage girl. Thank you for noticing. Yes, I am aware of the statistics around anorexia in females between the ages of thirteen and thirty.

You are allowed to skip a meal, without being labelled as ‘Starving yourself’.

Obviously, if you are maliciously putting yourself at risk by denying your body the nutrition it needs to survive, thats different.

At the end of the day, your body doesn’t actually need three massive meals as well as that bag of chips and a nightly cheeseboard.

I promise it doesn’t.

To avoid stepping on toes, I’ll start talking about my body now instead of everyone else’s.

My body, functions the highest when I have a coffee for breakfast, a light, protien heavy meal for lunch and something more or less the same for dinner.

I feel lighter, faster and more alert when my body isn’t overloaded.

I still live with my family, which includes my younger siblings, so there are still french toast mornings at 8am, sandwiches for lunch and pasta for dinner sometimes.

But now that I’m working, I make my own meals and most days I eat from this basic list:

  • Fruit

  • Veggies

  • Fish and a little red meat

Long list aye?

The great thing about this is, you can buy some tinned tomatoes, tinned mixed beans, tinned chickpeas, an onion and some garlic for under $10.

Mix that up in a slow cooker, buy some wraps for $5 if you really want or just have the burrito mixture by itself, and you’ve got a weeks worth of meals that took about fifteen minutes of prep time to make.

If you brought some protein powder, which is usually a big cost up front, but will last at least a couple of weeks and froze some of your favourite fruits, you could have a protein smoothie on the go for a similar cost.

$30 a week for food, isn’t half bad.

Instead Of Shopping

Instead of buying crap you don’t need, find other things to do with your time that cost less to nothing.

Instead of browsing in a shop, go for a walk or jog in a park. Instead of eating out, pack yourself a lunch and go have a picnic in your car at a pretty spot with your favourite music blasting!

I hope nobody was to offended by my various tidbits of wisdom.

Thanks for reading..!