Finding Time

Hey there…Yeah it’s me! Back from the internet presence grave that is ‘having other commitments, like work’.

Recently, I got a job as a waitress. It’s a part time job, but it seems to devour all my time, leaving precious few seconds to focus on the things that I enjoy. Like starting out on entreprenurial ventures and writing.

I watch the clock anxiously as I try to write, the seconds before my shift starts sliding away from me right in front of my eyes. I’m part of a gym that I love going to, but at the end of a busy shift all I want to do is go home and curl up into bed.

But I have all these other things I want to be doing!

So how do I find time?

I’m not actually writing this as someone who has cracked the code and has the answer. I’m much less helpful and instead I’m going to explore a few different options that I’ve been trying.

Weekly Planning Vs Daily Planning

Usually, I plan out my tomorrow’s the night before in bed over a cup of tea. How very Pinterest of me right? But with everything that I have going on now, my schedule is barely thought about when it comes to the actual day.

So, I’ve started planning out my week instead, s that way my days can be more flexible.

If I know that I have to get etc..done by the end of the week, I feel less stressed trying to fit it into my now hectic days. I just do the tasks whenever I have the time.


BedTalks, Book Over Brekkie and Happy Habits

One thing that seems to be working is making a overall list of the things that I absolutely must do in my day, then combining them with other things or finding a way to slip them into my routine.

It’s an on going list but an example would be:

  • Watch a TEDTalk every day.

  • Read a chapter of a book everyday.

  • Move strenuously for more than thirty minutes every day.


With the TEDTalks, I have incorporated that into my evening ritual. As I’m brushing my teeth, going to the loo, and getting into bed I pop on a TEDTalk. I love watching something to unwind at the end of a long day, but if I watch a episode of a TV series I usually don’t have enough self-control to not watch six more episodes. This is a great way to get some learning in and un-wind for the night in a way my body enjoys.

Book Over Brekkie

When I was a kid you couldn’t tear my books away from me. But now that I’m older and visual media is so much easier I’ve found myself to be reading less and less. This is partly due to the fact I always overestimate my intellect and get out hideously boring books that, although they make me look smart, leave me feeling completely un-motivated to keep reading.

To fix this, I found a book I actually wanted to read. I then combined my reading time with my morning coffee that acts as my breakfast.

I love my coffee, and I love reading about Richard Branson’s adventures and now I very much look forward to my morning session of Book Over Brekkie.

Happy Habits

Oh exercise, you devilish mistress…! This is where I fall down a bit, sometimes literally. In a superhuman world, my exercise would be at my happy place, the gym. But my job is surprisingly strenuous. Eight hours of almost non-stop power walking back and forth from the kitchen, combined with the strain of lifting heavy plates and carrying trays leaves me sweaty and sore with probably quite a few future back injuries.

So most days, before work I shiver at the idea of a gym session and after work I laugh at it.

However, I am trying to cultivate discipline and become a better me, so I’m tentatively pushing myself a little bit more each day to get to the gym a minimum of three times a week.

The sessions are allowed to be light and quick, because the mental health benefits I gain from that achievement are overwhelming.

These are not answers, but they are options.

Thank you for reading..!