Flexible Badass: It's Okay To Sleep In

Something I’ve been having issues with recently is my inability to wake up at 4.30AM like Jocko Willink. Because of my job, I’m usually getting to bed around eleven. I used to be heading off around seven.

It’s a big change, and since I’m more of a morning person, quite a irritating one.

I love those hours in the morning when nobody is up, the sun is just starting to rise and the birds are still quiet. But, recently I’ve been seeing significantly less of those.

The struggle for me has been to make peace with the idea that I can be a flexible badass.

I can be just as badass as my idols without having to wake up at the same time as them and do exactly the same things as them.

For me, my badassery can come from:

  • Getting eight hours of sleep.

  • Writing a blog post.

  • Reading over my coffee.

It’s okay to redefine your badassery.

One day when I’m not working all day and night, I’ll get those morning’s back. But until then, I’m training myself to be flexible around my schedule but not around my goals.

Learning to still achieve your daily goals, without your little schedule, your morning routine, your work routine, whatever, is actually pretty awesome.

Being able to think, damn this is a bad time, but hey, I’ll just do the work anyway, is a great skill.

So, remember: It’s okay to sleep in.

Thanks for reading..!