We’ve all heard that line. Normally for me it comes from my own mouth after eating six packets of chips and watching Netflix all day.

It’s a happy justification, that will magically make you feel less guilty about screwing up.

Which is great. I’m all for less guilt when it comes to improving our mind, body and whatever else your working on.

But last night I was watching a video of my good pal, Jocko Willinks.

To clarify, we don’t actually know each other, but if I was at Hogworts, he would be my patronus. Him or Richard Branson, I can’t decide. He’s my idol, my mentor and %100 who I would pick to be stranded on an island with.

Anyway, from my haze of late-night youtube inhalation, Jocko spoke to me.

He looked me dead in the eyes, through the screen of my low battery iPhone, and told me that today matters. Today counts.

Maybe I’m just a complete idiot but this mindset had never occurred to me before. Usually if I screw up with my goals by sleeping in really late or jumping down the internet distraction rabbit hole for a couple of blissful hours, I just resign myself to the fact that the day is over and I should just give up.

But Jocko says no.

If you’ve not achieved any of your goals, today matters. Every second that you leave those goals un-achieved, is a second you are falling behind or letting ‘the other side’ win. So own that.

It’s fine if you want to go eat bread and drink beer while your small business is sitting there waiting to be born, but own that.

Like really f**king own that.

If you are going to chill, then chill like a boss.

If not, then get your freaking life together and do the hard work everyday for more hours than anyone and pick up again even when you get off track, because today matters.

Stop letting time slide by, you can’t get it back, and someone else could have used that time better.

In celebration of this new mindset, this morning my alarm went off at 4.30AM. Now, I’m not Jocko, so I snoozed right on through that valuable time to get ahead. But instead of feeling guilty, self pitying and giving up, I got up at 6.15AM instead. Then I made my bed, lifted some weights for thirty minutes, had a shower, got dressed and sat down to write this blog post.

I will probably slip up again today. But thats okay, because what counts is not giving up, embracing that ‘today matters’ ideal, and trying again.

Trying again, today. Not tomorrow.