Working Nearly Full Time: How To Still Support Your Side Hustle

It’s supposed to be just a part-time job. But, the hours I now work, consume most of my day. Still, I gotta support that side-hustle. So how the heck do I go about that?

Scaling Down

Obviously, I won’t be able to keep up with the amount of time I was putting into my side-hustle. Statistically thats just not possible, there aren’t enough hours. And if I try and do that I’ll just leave myself feeling sad, disappointed and guilty. But maybe I can happily scale it back and reframe the amount of effort I’m putting in.

Maybe instead of writing all day, I could just try to write at least one blog post a day. And when I’m feeling up to it, write a few more and schedule them so that I can have days that I can just fully rest.

Days Off? Nah.

It’s probably not very healthy, but I look forward to my days off not as days to rest up but days that I can use to batch cook whatever projects I’m working on. That means getting up early and filming, writing, scheduling blogs, taking pictures.

To balance this out this means I do take naps on my working days and try to not exhaust myself with too much personal work.

However, I would recommend something I’m not very good at which is having at least one day a month to pamper and fully rest up. Schedule a day a month to go get a massage and your eyebrows plucked or have brunch out over a book.

Whatever works for you.

Thanks for reading…!