How To Quietly Dominate Your Workplace

If you are anything like me, you spend about %90 of your brainpower at work, plotting how you can someday become the boss.

The takeover is a long game, you think quietly to yourself as your supervisor transfers blame off his own back to yours. You will one day be his boss, so just smile and wave.

Comply and assure…for now, darling.

This kind of thinking isn’t a bad thing. You would be no use if you couldn’t do your job while plotting, but if you are capable of both tasks, I say go hard.

A big part of that for me is obsessively noticing inefficiencies.

If I’m just a cog in a machine, I should just be focusing on turning around and around, not noting how fast the other cogs are turning and if they are turning as smoothly as they could be.

But screw that.

You are allowed to notice that Bob isn’t putting out napkins as fast as he could be.

However, you are not allowed to just blame Bob and say he’s a bit slow today. Even if it is entirely his fault and he is working at a glacial pace.

No, if you are cultivating a leaders mindset you need to transfer the problem away from Bob. Take that problem on for yourself. Own it.

Then interrogate yourself about it.

What would be a faster way to lay the napkins? What would you do if you were doing that job? Would that be faster and a higher quality of completion?

Then once you think you’ve answered those questions, next time Bob starts laying out napkins, ask if you can do it.

I can guarantee that most of the time employee’s don’t actually enjoy the tasks they are doing and will usually jump at the chance to transfer to a different task. Even if the other task is just as time consuming and boring.

Then you own those napkins and you smash Bob’s method with brutality…and a pleasantly humble smile.

You do the napkins every time you get a chance. You refine your method until it is completely bulletproof. And most of all, you don’t get lazy.

You lay out the napkins just as fast and just as well as that first time.

Now when Bob does the napkins, he looks slow, he looks inefficient.

But, he can’t blame you. You’ve shown him nothing but respect and admiration.

So he will start doing it like you, hoping to take credit.

It doesn’t matter if he gets that credit or not. People who get credit that isn’t rightfully theirs crack, as soon as the method they stole gets tested. Because they haven’t spent hours obsessing over every possible outcome.

Go smash Bob, and quietly with a smile, you will dominate your workplace.

Thanks for reading..!