Thoughtful and *cough cough* Cheap...Gifts

When you’re trying to save money, birthdays and Christmas induce nothing but anxiety. You know that Great Aunt Kathy or whatever, married that rich guy so she’ll be giving your sister a car, house and pony. Maybe not, but you get the idea.

It’s hard to look at your saving account and not wonder if it’s worth going into stripping, just around that month where everyone in your family is having a birthday every other day.

So, as someone who has been in this position every other month here are my solutions, that cost very little money, but are just as thoughtful, if not more, than rich Aunt Kathy’s car, house and pony.

First, lets talk aesthetic. I’m all about that chic, minimalist, a little bit french atheistic. Keep things simple and elegant. My two favourite words.

When you apply this to presents, that means finding your signature gift. If you call this select group of things your ‘Signature Gift’s’ then that also means no one can get mad at you for getting the same gift over and over.

Signature Gifts - Trinity Style

Boutique Chocolate

Everyone likes chocolate right? Now, when it comes to this, yes you could go for the boring old block you see everywhere in the supermarkets…thats true. Or you could find some struggling local brand and offer to represent them / partner with them for free or discounted chocolate.

I’m still working on the getting free chocolate part, since everyone seems to think I actually need to have a following to make it worth their while and lost money.

But still, find a locally made brand, see if you can learn the person who makes it’s name, then as they are unwrapping it you can say things like:

‘Oh yes, Bob just got in a new shipment. I thought of you immediately.’

The Written Word

Whats better than a card with lovely handwritten messages in it? A freaking journal with hand written messages in it.

A personalised collection of handwritten quotes and poetry, all original if possible, will bring even the stiffest cousin to tears. The recipient also has the added benefit of being able to write and draw in the journal as well, which means that as they use it they will keep stumbling across another little message or poem and think of you.

A Moment

Everyone always says give an experience not a thing. But that experience doesn’t have to be a plane ticket or a fancy hotel resort. What if that experience was waking up to a cardboard fort having been erected in your room. Or a picnic lunch with a whole bunch of things that you think are yummy. What if you both got dressed up and blasted their favourite Spotify playlist, staging a home dance party.

A moment doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

Something Made

I can feel the craft mums getting out their beads already. This is defiantly not a mummy blog, so I’m not going to sit here and give you DIY tutorials on how to paint a chair or something.

But, if you are trying to save money, learning how to make some freaking cool gifts using minimal physical resources, will most certainly help.

I’m not talking about beads and chairs and flower crowns, although if you can source cheap resources for those things go hard man! I’m talking about learning how to use Photoshop so you can make epic graphic designed posters, or teaching yourself how to use technology such as Final Cut Pro so you can cut together a short film using footage of the lucky person.

With the digital world growing, the idea of gifting something that is not physical is becoming more and more accepted.

Sure you could spend heaps of money on that chainsaw they want or other clutter, but what if you recreated the place where you proposed, in virtual reality.

Aunt Kathy and her cars can eat my shorts.

We are now, more than ever before, able to tap into the science of what makes a gift meaningful.

For me I believe that is the time invested and the emotion it triggers, not the money.

Thanks for reading..!