I Want To Be Like Her

I’ve recently started watching Queen of The South.

Only a couple of episodes in and I’m already heavily invested in the characters and following the storyline with awe.

I’ve started wearing all white and feeling a much more confident wherever I walk. Because I just pretend that I’m her.

And this got me thinking…

If humans learn by imitating and watching and copying, we are in such a potentially beneficial and educational period in history. Because we are surrounded by people to copy.

It used to be just your close circle that you could learn from by imitating.

Now, we have access to billions of videos of other human, right in our hands.

Thinking about this, made me realise how important it is that we only let the most beneficial material through.

I’ve always been fond of TV shows and movies where I feel like I’m gaining something from them. Either the show is actually educational in some way, or the characters have traits that I admire and wish to emulate.

But it’s surprisingly hard to find those sorts of TV shows and movies.

For me, the show or movie has to have:

  • Well represented females who’s backstories have been thought out and developed with as much compassion and intelligence as their male counterparts. For instance, Queen Of The South.

    The women are strong, feminine and have been cast in a variety of leadership positions. However, the males in the show haven’t been completely forgotten either. You can have a show with strong women, and strong men.

  • A theme that I can justify is somewhat educational, about a portion of life I have no experience in. That way I can use the TV show to spark enough interest that I research it further.

    For instance, after watching Breaking Bad I did a lot of research into how to make crystal meth…Because I liked Jessie. It then became a lot less about the crystal meth, because I had no interest in actually making some, and became a lot more about furthering my knowledge of science and chemistry, all because I liked Jessie.

Those two factors make or break a show or movie for me.

Any recommendations for other shows that fit those two categories?

Thanks for reading..!