Trinity Smith Face

Ko tauhara te māunga
Ko Taupo te roto
Ko Smith tōku iwi
Nō Aotearoa ahau
Ko Graeme rāua ko Susan ōku mātua
Ko Trinity tōku ingoa

My name is Trinity Susana Edith Smith.

Trinity after the character from the Matrix. Susana after my mothers name in Spanish. Edith after my grandmother on my mothers side and Smith after my fathers family name that my mother took when she married him a few years before I was born. 

Only six weeks after my birth my parents packed up their whole lives into small bags and with a newborn under one arm they boarded a plane to Japan. I spent the first proper years of my life growing up in a country I can only remember in technicolour flashes. Cherry blossoms, paper lined corridors, pink socks with Hello Kitty on them and a train station bustling with people. 

After returning home to New Zealand from Japan we spent the next few years in a old farmhouse out by the airport. It was around then that my mother decided to homeschool me and my new younger sister so she could continue to have the freedom to travel with my father around the country. 

A few years later we moved to my parents hometown and my little brother was born. I started high school at thirteen and at sixteen I left.

I've spent the last few years chasing adventures and collecting stories, and I intend to keep doing so.